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  • Secured settlement in excess of $500,000 in the legal representation of homeowners against sellers, home inspector, and former contractor on claims involving the failure to disclose severe water damage during sale of home.

  • Repeatedly obtained favorable settlements for home buyers who have discovered undisclosed structural problems, roof and basement water intrusion, infestations, etc.

  • Trial verdict of no liability for seller alleged to have failed to disclose knowledge of past water damage in basement during sale of home. 

  • Trial verdict of no liability for seller alleged to have failed to disclose knowledge of knob and tube wiring throughout house.

  • Regular successful defense, including trial representation, of financial institutions alleged to have violated the FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, TILA, Wisconsin Consumer Act, and other banking and collections statutes.

  • Representation of lender in federal lawsuit which enforced its security interest in $2 million life insurance policy.

  • Regular successful representation of lenders seeking recovery of secured business and personal assets. 

  • Spearheaded bank’s replevin and sale of a defaulted borrower’s inventory from 25,000+ sq. ft. warehouse.

  • Repeated representation of financial institutions in lawsuits addressing whether the sale of recovered collateral is commercially reasonable.

  • Representation of lender whose marine vessel replevin was featured in New York Times article.

  • Defense of insurers in first party lawsuits brought by insureds whose insurance claims were denied on grounds of fraud or arson.

  • Successfully represented insurance carrier as first chair counsel in mass tort lawsuit arising out of the flooding of 1,400 vehicles at a fairgrounds concert.

  • ​Secured favorable outcomes for plaintiffs and defendants in numerous jury and bench trials in state and federal court. 

  • Successfully defended insurance carriers on multiple occasions in multi-week jury trials against claims by separate insureds that the insurers wrongly denied policy benefits for abatement of toxic substances.

  • Successfully represented telecommunications technology company in reversing default judgment entered against it under the TCPA.

  • Assisted in the preparation of Respondent’s Brief on the Merits in the United States Supreme Court case of Wisconsin Department of Corrections v. Schacht, 524 U.S. 381, 118 S. Ct. 2047, 141 L.Ed.2d 364 (1998)

Each legal case is unique. The result secured in any particular case is not indicative of the result that may be obtained in any other case.  Please consult legal counsel regarding your specific legal situation.

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